Garden Horse Tea
Garden Horse Tea makes green gardening easy for everyone.  Simply take the Garden Horse Tea bag and place it in your watering can.  Allow the horse manure to color the water a tea color.  This will ensure all the nutrients are dissolved in the water.  No manure is free of seeds but with the special organza bag seeds can’t pass through.  One bag should last about a month. 

Garden Horse Tea has been aged and will not burn plants or carry E. coli, so it’s safe for all edible plants. This is an eco-friendly way to condition your soil and build a strong root base for both indoor and outdoor plants.  Horse manure is rich with microbes picked up on the way through a living digestive system.

For centuries people have not had the luxury of going to the local store to buy dirt and a slight bit of manure mix.  Garden Horse Tea is the best of the best.  Well aged, organic, all natural Garden Horse Tea is the perfect addition for growing all plants.  The liquid solution is easily applied and goes straight to the root system. It’s so simple. Feeding your vegetable garden will in turn feed you.

Garden Horse Tea Friesian horses can be seen on our web site  These horses are fed with Timothy and Orchard grass hay.  This mixture was designed by University of Nevada, Reno equestrian department.  This grass hay is high in protein and low in sugar, the perfect combination for Friesian horses and your garden.

Garden Horse Tea is available through our web site or by calling us.  Larger quantity discounts are available as well as franchises.

Happy growing…
Sherry Reed
Garden Horse Tea



millie molina
09/24/2011 08:49

I love this site!


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    Sherry started riding horses at age 4. Her mother was a horse enthusiast who would gamble with her horse trainer friends; the loser had to teach Sherry how to ride!

    At age 10 Sherry had her first garden. Always driven by competition, Sherry and her brother each had their own gardens; guess whose garden produced the most flowers and vegetables!

    Now Sherry is combining her love for horses and gardening together, with the amazing all-natural Garden Horse Tea.


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